Wunda Wunda on Seattle TV

I remember a children's TV show that aired on Seattle local television with a personality called Wunda Wunda.

Does anyone else remember this show?

It would have been on the air in the late 50's or early 60's.

The theme song in the 1960s, went like this:

Wunda Wunda is my name.
Oh boys and girls I'm glad you came.
We'll have fun as I explain
How we play our Wunda games.
Let me take you by the hand
And we'll go to Wonderland.
There we'll play with every friend
The Wunda games of "Let's Pretend".

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Jan 31, 2016
What a wonderful time in life
by: Anonymous

My favorite memories where when Wunda would fly on her magic carpet to a new story!

Oct 25, 2015
Very Little Wunda Wunda Information
by: Tony

Unfortunately, there is very little information on the Internet (anywhere for that matter!) on Wunda Wunda. It seems that she is someone that only exists in our fond memories now.

If you do happen to come across anything in your daily travels on the Web, please feel free to share it with others right here.


Oct 25, 2015
Wunda Wunda Fan
by: Annie

i grew up in Tacoma, Washington watching Wunda Wunda and loved her.

For years I have been trying to find information about the show, but I had remembered her name wrong thinking her name was Wanda.

I finally found the show today by a Google search and was disappointed to only find one very short video clip of Wunda Wunda on YouTube.

Jul 07, 2015
I loved Wunda Wunda
by: Anonymous

I watched her show when I was little. I thought she was magic and could see me through the TV. She inspired me to become a storyteller.

Dec 31, 2014
What fun.
by: Anonymous

I was glued to the TV in 1952 and 1953 in Tacoma Washington watching Wunda Wunda. What a kick to see this again.

Jun 02, 2014
I wore a Wunda Wunda Halloween costume
by: Anonymous

fr 1962, I wore a Wunda Wunda costume and people thought I was a clown. I thought her character was a genie or a magician or an Arabian sorceress.

I want to hear the opening tune again. I thought it was similar to the tune "Leaves of Grass" the title tune for the Alamo and Inglorious Basterds.

It might have been the same, but I need to here it again. Not the song she sang, but the song playing, while we see her flying n her magic carpet/

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