Washington Girl visits Portland's Organ Grinder Pizza

by Nikki
(Joyce, WA)

The Organ Grinder restaurant/pizzaria was the highlight of my semi-annual trips to Portland.

My Mom and Grandma would take me there as a treat if I was "good" on the way down there from Joyce, WA.

We made the treck at least every 6 months or so, even more frequently for a year or better just before and right after my last surgery at Shriners Hospital in Portland OR.

I loved the Organ Grinder. We dont have anything even remotely like it up in NW Washington, and to go to such a great place without my two brothers and little sister was even sweeter!!

Thanks Organ Grinder for all the memories, great entertainment, and awesome pizza. And I loved the dancing monkey who blew bubbles down onto us too!

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