Very Old Portland TV Commercials

by Randi

I'm recalling "Friendly Joe" Cahan selling stripped down, new 1965 Chevrolets
for $2,595.00. No radios, no heaters, spare tires or anything. But the price was low.

Also, I remember Mike Salta selling aluminum siding and liking his coffee with cream & sugar.

I also have a vague remembrance of a commercial telling us how much fun we could
have if we came to Jantzen Beach Amusement Park and had a picnic, went swimming, and enjoyed the carnival rides.

Seems long ago and far away......

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May 08, 2016
About 1956...
by: Michelle

Everyone I've asked has no memory of this old TV commercial, but I remember it well.

A cartoon type black bird came on the air and said, "I've got 6 seconds to sing....Buy Kraft Cottage Cheese, you'll love it, love it, love Kraft Cottage Cheese".

Does anyone remember this??

Jul 29, 2014
The Day it Went Away
by: Randi

I remember driving by the day they tore down The Big Dipper at Jantzen Beach. I loved that Roller Coaster and here it was, in pieces, being hauled away to oblivion. It stood tall and grand no more.

Now that's a sad memory.

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