My Top 5 Things To Do In Portland, OR

top 5 things to do in portland oregon
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Here is my list of the top 5 things to do in Portland.

I keep explaining that Portland is the ultimate place for all fun, all the time. You will never run out of going places and doing things.

As the owner of this site, I often find myself wishing there was 10 more of me, so that I would be able to keep up with all the things happening around here. There simply is not enough time.

But, what if I condensed all the excitement down into my Top 5 list of must-do things in Portland?

Really?? You don't ask much, do you? haha. ;)

Alright, just for you. I'm going to imagine a common scenario for a lot of visitors to Portland. I'm going to imagine that you only have 24 hours to spend here. What are the top 5 things to must do in order to say you got a terrific visit in?

I'm going to do my best. Here they are, in no particular order:

bacon maple bar

1. Voodoo Doughnut
Your friends and family would think you were absolutely crazy if you came to Portland and missed a trip to the world-famous Voodoo Doughnut. This should be on anyone's top 5 things to do in Portland...or at least in the top 10, just to say you've been there.

Just a little blurb and I'll send you on your way. Voodoo Doughnut is home to the wackiest and weirdest donuts to ever grace a doughnut shop. Their most well-known is the Bacon Maple Bar with honorable mentions to the Captain My Captain doughnut. Now, hop over to my Voodoo Doughnut page and read all about the place!

2. Powell's City of Books
Do you like books? How about LOTS of books? Powell's City of Books is a definite must-do for any bookworm. Even if you just mildly like books, Powells is a place you simply must experience when in Portland. They don't call it "City of Books" for no reason!

This is the largest independent bookstore in the world, made up of four floors that span a full city block and filled with 1,000,000 books. Find out more about this Top 5 Things To Do In Portland spot right here.

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3. Washington Park
Washington Park is found amongst the West Hills of Portland. With such fun Portland attractions that includes the Children's Museum, Oregon Zoo, and Hoyt Arboretum, this is one of the top 5 things to do in Portland that you can take your entire family to for enjoyment and relaxation. Plus, the view of the city below is awesomely lovely.

4. Portland Walking Tours
If your goal is to gain all sorts of fascinating and little-known tidbits about the City Of Roses, this is a fun way to go about it.

Eclectic tour guides will take a group of you around Portland and reveal the uniqueness of the city. They offer multiple themed tours from the historic to the spooky to the tasty. I've been on a couple myself and it made for a really fun afternoon....or night, if you're thinking of taking the ghost hunting tour. Head over to my Portland Walking Tours page for more information.

5. Portland Saturday Market
Heading downtown on the weekend to peruse through the rows and rows of booths of unique art and food is a lot of fun. Located near the waterfront, the Portland Saturday Market has been a staple of entertainment and fun since the early 1970s. The weekend and your visit to Portland, Oregon would not be complete without a trip to Saturday Market.

Read more about Portland Saturday Market....

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There you go! There is so many things to see and do here in Portland, I'm sure that there are other Top 5 Things To Do In Portland lists that differ from mine, but these are what I consider your must-dos.

Hopefully, you'll find the time to stay for a while and experience a lot more, but starting with these will give you something to talk about.

Have a groovy, hipster time! :D

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