The Organ Grinder & The Long Lost Cousin

by CiCi
(Portland, OR, USA)

Just today, I got a text from a long lost cousin. We'd lost touch since 1995. I managed to search him, and found a current address as he'd bought a house about a year or so ago in California.

I grew up about a mile and a half from The Organ Grinder in Portland and, my cousin mentioned above and other cousins from Massachusetts, always wanted to visit The Organ Grinder every time they came.

My long lost cousin is three years younger than myself and when we were young (say five & eight yrs old or so), he came to visit. When they played the organ and the bubbles came streaming down, my cousin made up a little song, as young children often do, about "Bubble pop! Pop on the pizza!"

About a week ago, I sent a note to my cousin hoping to reconnect. Today, while I was working in the garage and away from my phone (of course!), I get a text from an unknown number asking, "Is The Organ Grinder still open?" -- before responding, I searched the phone number, found it was his town, so I knew who it was. I should have known!

If there is one thing he would remember from our youth and visiting Portland, it would be The Organ Grinder Pizza. My heart sank when it closed. It was such a wonderful part of my, and many locals, childhood... and was truly a historic place.

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Jul 23, 2012
Ah yes.. when the Aladdin looked over the Lloyd....
by: Jonypdx

I am a Californian, but a naturalized Oregonian.

My Grandparents lived in East Moreland, so the Organ Grinder was added dutifully to their list of traps. Pizza Grinder wasn't bad for what they tried to be.

The pizza was baaaaad. I miss them, but I'd rather have QP, Farrell's, Morrow'a Nut House or Roake's on NW 23rd back FIRST.


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