Shelters in Portland OR: Helping The Hurting

Shelters in Portland Oregon, food banks and financial services are a way of life for a lot of people in the Portland metro and surrounding areas of the state. It makes me very sad that such things need to even exist here in the United States, but they do....and I'm glad they're available to people who need them.

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As much fun as Portland is, the reality of real, raw life sinks in when you see hurting men and women sleeping in doorways, under bridges, and begging for help.


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There's always going to be the scammers, pan-handling on the corners and you never know where that dollar you gave them is going to, but, like all large cities, we have our share of real-life down-trodden people who can't seem to catch a break.

There are families living in their cars because their home was foreclosed on or they couldn't afford their rents. Children are the saddest and most helpless victims of poverty.

No one in America should be hungry! There's simply no reason for it and, as much as it saddens me, it angers me as well.

Why should celebrities and pro athletes be paid multi-millions of dollars each year when there are homeless and hungry people living in the streets? There's something terribly wrong with that.

In spite of the city's efforts to make itself homeless-free by opening up more shelters in Portland Oregon, it's an upward struggle.

The shelters in Portland Oregon are filled to overflow, every single night. Our recent statistics show that, as of this writing, homelessness in Portland is up 11% from 2007. Even facing those sad numbers, the city of Portland is not giving up....we're stepping up.

More and more financial aid programs are coming online to provide meals, jobs and homes for needy people.

Government and private programs clear down to individuals are weeping inside for these people and doing something about it. Community events are being held and sending their proceeds the way of the shelters in Portland Oregon and beyond.

In these recent times, need has even reached up to the middle-class as the recession hits harder every day and jobs are scarce.

Businesses are filing for bankruptcy that have been around for many decades and people are finding themselves out of work. It hurts me to see all of this going on around Portland and throughout the country. NO ONE should suffer need in this country.

This page was not my favorite to do, but if I can provide some resources for those in need, it's worth it to me (and I do indeed love to help people in need!). If there is any program that you know of that you don't see listed here, use the form below and let me know.

For immediate help with information and resources on shelters in Portland Oregon and beyond, transitional housing, food, etc, dial 211 or go to

Find A Job In Portland, OR

Shelters Portland Oregon

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  • Portland Rescue Mission - 111 W. Burnside. 503-906-7690
    Since 1949, the Portland Rescue Mission has been a staple of shelters in Portland Oregon, continuing to help men, women and children transition into new lives. 

  • Union Gospel Mission of Portland - 3 NW Third Ave. 503-274-4483. Providing meals, helping with addictions and providing help for people in need.
  • CityTeam Ministries - 526 SE Grand Ave. 503-231-9334. Helping provide hot meals, shelter Portland Oregon, showers and clean clothes to the homeless of Portland. 

  • Transitional Projects, Inc. - 475 NW Glisan St. 503-823-4930.
    Helping serve people's basic needs as they transition from homelessness to housing.

  • Portland Homeless Family Solutions -1838 SW Jefferson, 503-915-8306.
    Provides provide temporary emergency housing and resources for families with children.
  • Goose Hollow Family Shelter - 1838 SW Jefferson - corner of SW 18 & Jefferson, 503-228-3195 x203.
    Provides provide temporary emergency housing and resources for families with children.
  • Thirteen Salmon Family Center - Corner of SW 13 & Salmon, 503-595-9390. Provides provide temporary emergency housing and resources for families with children.

Recovery Programs and Housing

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  • Central City Concern - 232 NW 6th Ave. 503 294-1681. A non-profit organization helping get people off the streets and into jobs.

  • Shepherd's Door - 13207 NE Halsey. 503-906-7650.
    Part of the Portland Rescue Mission, Shepherd's Door is a refuge for women and their children, providing all they need to help with homelessness, addiction, and more. A really awesome place!
  • Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter - 11 NW 5th Ave, 503 227-8681. Emergency shelter for women. No men or children. 50 beds, showers, laundry, lockers.

  • The Alano Club of Portland  - 909 NW 24th Ave. 503-222-5756. A safe place for individual and families to come and deal with drug, alcohol and other addictive disorders. 

  • JOIN - 1435 NE 81st Ave, Suite 100, 503-232-2031
    The JOIN mission is to help the homeless transition into permanent housing through outreach, housing retention and other vital services for the homeless.

  • Habitat For Humanity in Portland - Building homes for people without them. An awesome program!

Youth Services

  • Transitional Youth - 14945 SW Sequoia Parkway #150, Portland, OR, 503-350-7268. This amazing ministry provides outreach, support, and housing for at-risk and homeless youth of the Portland/Vancouver area.

  • Pear Youth Mentoring - 338 NW 6th Ave, 503-228-6677.
    Helps to build positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, arts, and recreation.

  • Outside In - 1132 SW 13th Ave. 503-535-3800. Helping homeless youth and other low-income people in Portland.

Portland Food Banks, Meals, and Financial Help

  • Oregon Food Bank - "...because no one should be hungry." That's so true. A hub of food bank networks around the state, the Oregon Food Bank is there to help hungry people.

  • The Fathers heart Street Ministry - 8899 Jansen Rd Clackamas, OR 97015, 503-722-9780. Serving lunches to those on the streets, providing food boxes, coats, backpacks, and tarps.

  • St. Barnabas Episcopal Church - 2201 SW Vermont Street, Portland, OR, 503-246-1949. Free Community Dinner, every second Saturday of the month at 5 p.m.

  • Potluck in the Park - Providing hot meals and social contacts to the homeless people in Portland since 1991.

  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Pantry - 7704 N. Hereford Avenue, Portland, 503-247-3511. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 3:00 or until they serve 20 clients. They serve all, including the "working poor."

  • Downtown Chapel Portland - Located on Burnside in Portland's Old Town, this Roman Catholic parish provides hope and healing through meals, resources, service, and education. My wife and I served here for an entire day and evening and they do amazing work.

  • Blanchet House of Hospitality - Serving free hot meals to the homeless and low income and providing transitional housing for men in need.

  • Sisters of the Road Cafe - 133 NW 6th Ave. A great place to get a hot meal for $1.25, food stamps or barter work.

  • Rose City Resource - Wonderful web site, providing information and resources to help with clothing needs, food stamps, health care and tons more.

  • Food - Search and find food pantries, soup kitchens, and food banks in your area.

Other Services and Resources

  • Rose Haven - 627 NW 18th, basement of First Immanuel Church building. 503 248-6364. Various services to help women and children who are the victims of abuse and homelessness.

  • Shower To The People - Shower to the People provides showers in a mobile trailer to those who need it on the streets of Portland

  • Salvation Army Veterans and Family Center - Formally the Harbor Light Center, this program is in place to help aid homeless veterans or those at risk of becoming homeless.

  • Street Reach NW - A non-profit organization, made up of nonpaid volunteers who dedicate their time to feeding and offering clothes to folks weekly under the Steel Bridge, Saturdays at 5 pm. Get more information about Street Reach NW...

If you're in need, there is nothing shameful about asking for help, whether it be from any of the shelters in Portland Oregon, food banks or whatever...never let your pride stop you from providing for yourself or your family. If things don't turn around in this country, we all may be in the position for some help in one way or another. These places exist to help you, so let them do what they were made to do. They don't look down on you...they want to give you the hand up you need.

But, How Can I Help Hurting People in Portland?

Boy, I'm sure glad you asked! Here's a great video to share some simple yet tremendously lasting tips:

Download, print, and give out meal vouchers to hungry people on the streets of Portland.

Click here to download (pdf, 220k)

Alright, help me out, Portland people!

These are a mere few of the Shelters in Portland Oregon and other great Portland-area programs that I know of, providing food, shelter, housing and recovery, but I also know that there are many more...I'm simply not aware of them. Tell me about them and I'll add them to the page. Some time in the future, I would love to see the shelters in Portland Oregon empty and no longer needed. If anyone can do that, Portland can. So, let's get to work! ;)

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