Rose City Rollers - Excitement On Wheels!

For hot girl-on-girl action, Portland's Rose City Rollers are your answer.

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Portland never ceases to amaze me with the ideas that come out of it and it's people. Our own professional Roller Derby team proves what the people around here are capable of doing when they put their minds to it.

The sport of Roller Derby has been around for as long as I can remember.

I used to watch it on TV with my mom when I was little. I distinctly remember these hard-hitting gals slamming each other against the rails and getting into some all-out brawls. It was so much fun. That's more than likely where my love of Pro Wrestling and Portland Wrestling stems from.

Although the golden age of Roller Derby was scripted to some point, the Rollers claim that is no longer the case. I have to admit, I miss the drama and storylines. ;) 

The Rose City Rollers were started in 2004 by a number of ladies who waxed poetic about the good old days of women's Roller Derby and wanted to get things rolling again for a whole new generation of fanatics. With passion and drive behind them, they did just that and the Rose City Rollers were introduced to Portland. 

At the time of this writing, I have just attended the 2009 Season 4 Championship games at the Portland Expo Center and had a really fun time!

The fans were hot and rabid. The lights, the music (it's loud!), and the excitement of women's Roller Derby made for a great show....oh, and a hot, soft pretzel and a Pespsi. ;) My friend, Wade, who joined me there, had never been to a game and really enjoyed it. I had to explain the rules to him, but he picked it up really quick. Do you know the rules of Roller Derby? 

The Rollers are made up of 6 teams: the 2009 Season 4 Champions, the Break Neck Betties, the Heartless Heathers, High Rollers, Guns N Rollers, and their and all-star teams, Axle's of Annihilation and the Wheels of Justice. 10 to 15 girls are on each individual team and there is presently over 140 women making up the Portland Roller Derby team. The Rollers compete both locally and on a national level against other teams around the country.

Hey, if you've ever thought of being a part of the game, they hold try-outs every couple's your chance to become part of the action! There's no prior skating experience necessary, although they do insist that you have an insatiable taste for violence. haha. Just kidding....maybe. ;)

In my opinion, one of the very coolest things about the Rollers is their very active participation with the communities of Portland and beyond. They generate and give tons of money to charities, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Oregon Humane Society, American Cancer Society, Portland Women's Crisis Line, and others. I think that is really awesome! 

So, go and grab tickets to an upcoming Rollers game, volunteer to help at an upcoming bout or sign up to become a Roller Derby girl yourself. No matter which way you go, you're going to have a fantastic time! 

Check out the game schedule, try-out dates, and a lot more at the Rose City Rollers' web site.

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