Portland Wrestling and My First Night at the Portland Sports Arena

by Greg Kirk
(Portland, Oregon)

It was the first time for live Portland Wrestling for me, and what a night it was! Lonnie Mayne headlined, and his match ended with him bleeding from the head, and then he lost it. He started bashing his head into one of the support poles. His face was covered with blood, and he started stumbling into the bleachers.

I, being all of 12 years old, was scared to death! He then ran off leaving a trail of blood behind. The big mystery for the next few weeks was "where is Lonnie Mayne?" He supposedly disappeared. Actually, he probably just went to the east coast to work for awhile, but it was a great story, and a very memorable debut for the PSA.

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Jan 05, 2012
Bad vs Bad In Portland Wrestling
by: Michelle

Normally, at the Portland Sports Arena, the wrestling matches pitted the Good Guys against the Villians. On this night, however, it was a treat for the fans. Bad against bad!!

On one side, were the Kangaroos, Lord Jonathan Boyd, and Norman Frederick Charles III.

They were the epitome of evil, cheating their way to victory after victory and were the current Pacific Northwest Tagteam Champions.

Boyd was also the Heavyweight Champion. You might say they were dominating everything thru their nastiness.

On the other side, teaming up for this match, was
another duo of dubious distinct. Dutch Savage in
the pre good-guy days when he was very bad indeed, and Stan 'The Crusher' Stasiak, whose Heart Punch was feared by all.

This was a win-win situation for fans like me, as it was gonna be bad guys who lost, no matter what!

Before it all started, The Kangaroos went up to the Crow's Nest for a TV interview and ended up tearing the set to pieces.

It was an incredibly entertaining match with every low-down move known to man brought to the fore. The referee was thrown out of the ring twice.

It finally ended with Crusher Stasiak giving a full-blown Heart Punch to Norman Frederick Charles III, while Dutch Savage held off Lord Jonathan Boyd by pounding his head into the cross-buckle.

The Kangaroos were Tag-Team Champions no more...

I remember leaving the Arena with heart palpitations.

Now thats entertainment!!!

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