Portland TV Memories

by Michelle
(Salmon Creek)

Here are a few names from Portland TV history. How many do you remember?

1. Bob Lynott

2. Red Dunning

3. Friendly Joe Cahan

4. Gene Brendler

5. Eddie Buteras

6. Ramblin' Rod

7. Dick Klinger

8. Richard Ross

9. Mr Moon

10.Julie Emry


TONY: I actually remember a good many on your list, Michelle. Some right off the bat and some I had to think about, but they all are a part of the rich television history of Portland.

That makes them all very cool! ;)

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Feb 06, 2015
Old memories
by: Edward

It is nice to see the list of these classic TV companies. It is hard to find such TV models after the arrival of LED and LCD. But still in some home we can see old model TV.

May 25, 2013
Black & White Cooking Show
by: Michelle

Could the name of the TV cooking show you are searching for have been.....KOIN Kitchen??

May 24, 2013
Old Black/White Cooking Show In Portland
by: Anonymous

Does anyone remember an old Portland, Oregon cooking program?

It was, of course, black and white, a woman of 30/40ish yrs old, who always wore an apron.

I just loved watching this program in the early 1960s. Maybe it was odd, but I truly don't remember. I think she might have had a throaty voice, a strong but good figure, dark hair that was short or perhaps a modified french roll.

Email at lindalkp@outlook.com, please.

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Apr 01, 2012
I Saw The Beginning of KPTV in Portland
by: Jim Stecher

It's fascinating to read the comments on "old" KPTV because I watched it come on the air.

My next-door neighbor, who had the one television on the block in Vancouver, allowed us to stare for a couple of hours at the test pattern until the station finally came on the air. I remember the black and white screen.

Red Dunning (with hot dogs as a sponsor, the brand has left me), Mr. Moon (I think it was "Our Mr Moon" at that time), Heck Harper, Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, Beany and Cecil, the sea sick sea serpent, and Captain Fatty. The memories are wonderful.

Can you help? I'm looking for a definitive bio for Gene Brendler. Google is no help.

Thank you.

Aug 30, 2011
Early News on Portland TV
by: Jack Minor

The original news team on KOIN TV, channel 6, was Art Kirkham doing news, Johnny Carpenter with sports, and Bob Lynott doing the weather. The weather segment consisted of Lynott in front of a white board with a simple line map, drawing the weather patterns with a squeaky marker onto a map.

A husband and wife team, Chuck and Betty Foster filmed the local news stories. Chuck was in front of the camera and Betty was behind it. I believe they once did KPTV's news, too, but I lived in Hood River at the time and KPTV was on UHF channel 27, a frequency with too limited a range to reach beyond Portland, so I never saw it.

Local news was 15 minutes, as was the network evening news. CBS Evening News with Douglas Edwards was 15 minutes long but when CBS replaced Edwards with Walter Cronkite they extended it to 30 minutes.

Another early station, KLOR, broadcast on channel 12, and after that station went defunct, KPTV bought its old tower and moved from channel 27 to 12. Channel 27 was the first UHF station in the nation and UHF's limited range made it less desirable than VHF. Many early TV sets didn't have UHF tuners so those viewers had to attach a converter to view KPTV.

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