Portland Trail Blazers - RIP CITY!

In 1970, the Portland Trail Blazers began their NBA career as an expansion franchise and our home-town boys were jettisoned into the spotlight. Blazermania was imminent.

Introducing superstars such as Bill Walton, Sidney Wicks, Maurice Lucas, Geoff Petrie, Clyde Drexler, Rod Strickland, Brandon Roy and many others, the team has been a fan favorite ever since their inception. 

Come good seasons or bad, there has always existed a buzz over our professional basketball team. Even when the head office has pulled some bone-head moves (the Clyde Drexler trade to the Houston Rockets springs immediately to mind!), we've stood passionately behind our boys.

I got into the Blazers late in the game, in the late 80s. My stepmother was a huge fan and got me hooked. About that time, the team was in the middle of another peak of popularity and success. Their on-the-court battles against the Chicago Bulls are almost legendary. Clyde "The Glide" was a formidable foe for the on-fire Michael Jordan. 

portland trailblazers

With Portland Trail Blazer players Drexler, Terry Porter, Kevin Duckworth, Danny Ainge, Cliff Robinson, Buck Williams, and Jerome Kersey carrying the team and head coach Rick Adelman at the helm, I was an instant fan. Watching as they took team after team to their limits, was one of the best times of my younger life. Trying to predict what color headband Cliff would be sporting was always fun, too! hehe 

portland trail blazers

As I said, Portlanders are very passionate about their Blazers and we're pretty used to seeing them in the playoffs (they've actually qualified 25 times).

Although we haven't seen a championship trophy since 1977, we're always giving the other fellas in the NBA a good run for their money....or trophy, as the case may be. And there is always hope for the future! ;)

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Fast forward to now. Even though we have a fairly young team at the moment, there's high-hopes for them. We have some up-and-coming players and have succeeded in getting rid of the trouble-makers that plagued us not too many years ago. We're quickly becoming a pro ball team of consistency again.

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