Portland Timbers Soccer - GOOOOAL!

portland timbers soccer

Portland Timbers soccer is a guaranteed great time!

There are a ton of people I know that really enjoy football, but to me, soccer is so much more exciting. The continuous action of pro soccer speaks to my ADD. hehe ;)

Originally established as a team in 1975, the Timbers were an expansion team of the North American Soccer League.

As a result of some financial distress, they closed shop in `82, but were resurrected nearly two decades later, to the delight of Portland soccer lovers.

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The Timbers (graduating from the USL First Division to the MLS in 2011) began putting on great shows at PGE Park (now, Jeld-Wen Field) in 2001 and was an immediate hit with Portland soccer fans...not to mention the younger kids who are really into actually playing the game of soccer around here.

It's nice to have some hard-working guys that the kids can model themselves after. Our professional soccer team is hard-playing and works together very naturally.

Not to mention their rugged mascot, Timber Jim, who puts on a heck of a show, leading the crowd in chants and cheers, beating on his huge drum and swinging his chainsaw in his best imitation from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. ;)

I absolutely love going to the games. When you watch soccer on television, it's fun and all, but when you're live and up-close, there's electricity in the air. The fans are rowdy and the action is right in your face.

When I get a chance to go, I either take my wife or my son and just make a day of it...hanging around in the downtown area, parking away from Jeld-Wen Field, and then hopping MAX over to the game about an hour before the action starts. All in all, it makes for a great day!

The Timbers play from April until September, so you have a full summer of professional soccer excitement.

portland timbers goal

There is very limited parking around Jeld-Wen Field, so your best solution, in my opinion is to take public transportation and leave the car at home. If you don't mind paying for parking (sue me...I'm cheap!), you can swing into one of the area SmartPark garages.

Keep in mind that you only need to plug the downtown parking meters until 7pm. For additional parking information, hop over to my Parking in Portland page.

There are other ways to see and hear the Timbers play, whether television or video. Click here to find out more.

I've found that they even begun to upload many of their games to YouTube as well as having Live Events there. So many ways to see a Timber's game!

To get your Portland Timber tickets, hit the Jeld-Wen Field box office at 1844 SW Morrison (Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

You can also secure them from a Ticketmaster outlet or online. For more ticket information, catch a game streaming online, etc, visit the Portland Timbers official web site right here.

Maybe I'll see you at a game or three. Have a fantastic time at the Timbers games and scream real loud for the team! ;)

timbers soccer game

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