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The growing list of Portland Smartphone Apps are helping both residents of our fair city and visitors just learning the ins and outs maneuver their way around. With the enormous expansion of social media tools, I'm not surprised that Portland has jumped on the bandwagon and begun to pump out these apps for people's cell phones.

portland smartphone apps

I have an Android myself and have a good many of the Portland Smartphone apps downloaded and installed. If I had more memory on my cell phone and there were more apps that were built to reside on my SG card, I'd probably have all of them. Although I grew up, healthy and happy without a smartphone in the 1970s and 1980s, I can't imagine what not having one now would be like. I simply do too much on it.

Whatever smartphone you choose, you can have Portland weather reports, news, craft breweries, gas prices, TriMet bus and MAX routes and schedules, all at your convenience, with new apps being added every day. Portland is a complex city and it stands to reason that we give people a helping hand however we can.

Below you will find a growing list of Smartphone apps for the Portland area and the state of Oregon. Some cost, others are free:

AnyStop: TriMet Portland

  • Real-time transit arrivals
  • Rail routes near you
  • Store favorite stops
  • Interactive maps
  • And more...

Best Parking
Supports the city of Portland and helps you compare all parking rates and locations. Find the cheapest and most convenient parking garages in the city and the airport. Get the iPhone app here.

If you need a car rental, Car2Go is a great choice with a number of Smartphone apps for both the iPhone and Android. You'll find them here.

Cart Compass PDX
Search and find Portland Food Carts by name, location, or cuisine. Download the Cart Compass PDX app for iPhone.

City of Portland PDX Reporter
"This Portland Smartphone app allows residents to request service calls to city assets and infrastructure for the city of Portland, OR. Issues with potholes, city parks, streetlights, catch basins, and graffiti are currently supported..."

Eat.Shop Portland
Leading you to some of the best dining and shopping in Portland, OR. Get the iPhone app right here.

Find My Car Smarter Mobile App
Remembering where you park can be a pain. While not specifically a Portland Smartphone App, Find My Car Smarter will provide you the precise GPS location of where you parked your car. Isn't technology wonderful? Get the iPhone app right here.

Food Carts Portland Mobile App
Find and maneuver the over 600+ Portland food carts. Find my location, cuisine, hours, and more. Get the iPhone app right here.

Food Truck Follower
Supports the city of Portland and uses Twitter feeds to help you find your favorite food trucks. We call them food carts, thank you. ;)

Green Driver
A free routing app that uses real-time traffic light information provided by the city of Portland to present users with routes that avoid red lights. Also, currently covers Eugene, OR. Get the app right here.

Heathman Portland
App created by the Heathman Hotel in Portland

  • Order room service
  • Interact with the Concierge
  • Order amenities
  • And more...

Get the Heathman Portland app.

PDX Quest
Part Portland Smartphone app is part GPS-led game, part Portland guide. Lots of fun!

  • 50 City Quests
  • 150 Collectible Tokens
  • 6 Levels
  • Community High Scores
  • Over 70 hours of play time!

Portland Breweries
Provides Google Maps markers for Portland area craft breweries, showing locations and more information about the breweries.

Portland Business Journal
Local business news from the Portland Business Journal.

App includes:

  • Latest news
  • News by industry
  • Local business events listings
  • Access to premium content for existing subscribers

Grab the Portland Business Journal app.

Portland Cocktail Compass
Find the nearest watering holes and happy hours. Free iPhone app.

Portland Essentials
All-around great Portland Smartphone app, providing information on event, festivals, attractions, eateries, and more. Get the iPhone app

Portland State Crib Sheet
Created for PSU alumni

  • PSU news
  • Sports highlights
  • Alumni events and benefits
  • And more...

Get your Portland State Crib Sheet.

(Portland) Timbers App
This unofficial Portland Smartphone app provides:

  • Live scores
  • Team news
  • Standings
  • Soundboard
  • Club Tweets
  • And more...

Portland Traffic From KGW.com
Latest traffic reports for Oregon and SW Washington

  • Live speed maps
  • ODOT traffic cameras for all major metro routes
  • Crash incident reports
  • Gas prices
  • And more....

Get the iPhone app here

Portland Transit Lite

  • TriMet bus, WES, and MAX arrival times
  • Route listings
  • Favorite stops

Portland Transit (paid version). Provides all the above, plus:

  • Trip planning
  • Nearby stops
  • Finding stops with map interface
  • Finding stops with radar
  • Strobe for flagging buses
  • And more...

Download the Portland Transit app for your iPhone.

Use this Smartphone app to find where your favorite beer is being served. Touted as the world's first live local beer search engine. Get the Taplister app here.

Trail Blazers - Daily Stats

  • Up-to-date scores, stats
  • Photos and videos
  • Blogs, news, and Tweets
  • Real-time chat

using smartphone

These are just a handful of Portland Smartphone apps and other applications that support the city. There are many more and I promise to keep an eye out for anything that is ultra groovy. ;)

I'm not sure if all I have listed here are available for all Smartphones available on the market. The easiest way to find out for yourself and to locate more applications is to go to your Android Market or iPhone App Store and do a search for "Portland." You can also find a lot more Android apps right here. 

If you have or know of a great Portland Smartphone app that I haven't listed here, let me know. I'd be happy to consider putting it on the page. ;) 


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