Portland Rose Garden Arena (Moda Center)

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The Portland Rose Garden Arena (now known as the Moda Center. Yes, I agree. Stupid name!) in downtown Portland means the best in concerts, events and sports. It's been the home for our Trailblazers, LumberJax and Winterhawks for  years. They hold exciting events there every month, including circuses, ice shows, monster trucks rallies, and rodeos. Fun things for everyone to enjoy! ;)

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Portland is a city that attracts the big names of music and national shows from all over the world. The eight level, 20,000-seat Rose Garden Arena is one place in the city that they come to strut their stuff and entertain.

Personally, I have gone to see both the Portland Trailblazers and the Harlem  Globetrotters play there (not each other, but that would be a major show!). You can feel the excitement in the air.

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It's a very roomy and comfortable venue that isn't lacking any of the finer features of such a large place. A banquet hall, sports bar, and a buffet restaurant all grace the Rose Garden Arena. If you're in need of special seating, you can have it. You can go all out and rent a luxury suite for the event if that suits you, go court-side and even become a premium seat card holder. 

Hungry? Wait until half-time or some other break and grab yourself something to satisfy your hunger.

We don't have the simple hot dog gut-bombs (they are available if you're in the mood for that) that many other arenas have. We keep it trendy and upscale by offering, among other things, The Pyramid Taproom at Schonely's Place on the 100 Level. Open before and after all events, this is the place to grab a fresh salad, a gourmet burger, and more tasty treats while you relax in front of the many flat-screen, high-def televisions they have

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Parking for all Portland Rose Garden Arena events runs from $6 to $13. There are multiple garages and parking lots attached to the Rose Garden Arena. You can even purchase parking ahead of time, so you needn't have a thing to worry about once you get there.

The Rose Garden Arena takes the disabled into great consideration. Special seating, drop-off locations, listening devices for the hard of hearing, and requests for sign interpreters are all available.

Moda Center Concerts and Events

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There is much more about the Portland Rose Garden Arena and I could easily fill another page with information. I'm not going to do that though, so you'll just have to visit yourself. ;)

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