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Around here, when it's time for the Portland Rose Festival, you know summer has hit, full-force. One of the biggest events all-year, the Rose Festival in Portland Oregon is something that we all look forward to.

Bringing along with it over 100 different happenings and events every year, you're going to find great things to do and see from the months of early March on through June, when everything is going, full steam ahead.

My favorite things to do at Rose Festival time is enjoying the Portland Rose Parade on TV (if I'm unable to get a good spot downtown to watch it) and touring the US and Canadian Navy and Coast Guard ships that pull into dock. That's some fun stuff! 

Here's a run-down of some of the events that go on during the months of the Portland Rose Festival:

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  • Waterfront Village - An awesome time for your entire family. Carnival rides, vaudeville acts, live music, exotic animals, adventures for the kiddies and a lot more make up this cool event in Waterfront Park.
  • Portland's Fireworks Spectacular - A super-large fireworks display announcing the official kick-off of Rose Festival. Blasting off from Waterfront Park, high above the Waterfront Village, this is a not-to-miss show!
  • Starlight Run - It's a fun run for over 3 miles to the finish line for prizes and fame. If you have the energy, participate yourself. ;)
  • Starlight Parade - Dubbed the "Cleanest Parade in America," the Starlight Parade lights up the evening for over 250,000 spectators each year.
  • Junior Parade - It's the children of Portland's turn to put on a show! Scout troops, kids adorned in colorful costumes, dance teams, youth clubs, floats towed on their bikes, and others march down the streets of Portland. If your child would like to walk in the Junior Parade, they can, as long as they're middle school age or younger.
  • Fleet Week - Military vessels from around the world dock along the esplanade seawall of Tom McCall Waterfront Park, hosting 4 days of tours. As I said, this is one of my favorite things to do during Rose Festival.
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Now, that is only a few of the events that happen around here. There is so much more. Dragon Boat races, a full-carnival, the crowning of the queen, other parades, including the famous Grand Floral Parade and so much more. 

For a full list, dates, times and other information, visit the official Portland Rose Festival web site

A word of advice when it comes to seeing all the parades: get downtown early and take public transportation to get there. There are so many streets that are unavailable because of all the events. Just from me to you. ;)

The now-viral video below is from a news report at the Portland Rose Festival. If you've watched YouTube for any length of time, I'm sure you've probably run across the zombie kid that like turtles. ;)

Have a great time at the Rose Festival. Enjoy the food and fun and be sure to grab an Elephant Ear for me. Cinnamon and Sugar, please. ;) 

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