Your Portland Pet In The City Of Roses

Looking for Portland pet events? Wanting to find things to do with your pooch? How about pet boarding or finding pet friendly hotels? Here you will find some of the best local pet resources to make man's best friend feel more than loved.

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Portland, Oregon is pet wild! God's furry beasts (and those without fur) are "top dog" here and a huge part of many a Rose City family. They're good for us to have around. Studies have shown the peace that pets bring to us. They have a calming effect that is not only therapeutic, but actually keeps us healthier and living better lives. We have less risk of allergies and asthma if we've grown up in a home with a furred animal, Alzheimer patients are less likely to experience outbursts, heart patients survive longer, cholesterol levels and depression comes under control, and pets are awesome conversation starters. Real date magnets! Thanks, Fido! ;)

Dogs are the pets that stand out the most. Portland is rated #1 as the best U.S, cities for dogs, according to Boasting 32 dog parks, 19 pet message therapists, and it's own dog's social network,, who's going to argue?

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One of the best benefits of having a pet is they love unconditionally. You can always look forward to a happy, tail-wagging welcome when you get home from a rough day of work. Now, cats are another matter. Haha! Too moody for my taste. Still, your pet is a friend to the very end and that's a wonderful thing to have. If only more people were like that. Right?

As I child, my grandparents always had a dog. Their first was a cute little bull terrier named Bully and then a number of pugs (now my favorite breed!). They lived out in the country in a town called Beaver Creek and I would love to go out, grab one of the dogs, and run around the property with them. It was real heaven for a kid.

I can tell you that any pet is going to feel very welcome here. There are so many places that cater to our dogs, cats, and otherwise. For example, Jameson Park in the Pearl District of NW Portland is a place where you will find owners walking and playing with their dogs (and visa versa). It's a doggy dream!

There are all sorts of shops in the city that cater to animals. Find them boarding if you need to take a trip, medical help if they need it, or stop into a number of places that will pamper and treat them like four-legged or winged kings and queens.

For your pet pleasure, here are some nice resources, with more coming:

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  • Pet Boarding In Portland
  • Shopping For Your Pet
  • Pet Supplies

So, if you're worried that your pet may not assimilate well to the city, put your concerns on hold. Nothing could be further from the truth. With so much for them here, they're going to cozy in just fine.

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