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Portland Oregon weather is a perfect mixture of sun and rain, in my opinion. The rain is what keeps this area so green and gorgeous. Portland is well-known for the excess of trees and flowers and our rain is what keeps that reputation going.

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On an average, Portland gets around 37 inches of rain per year. In opposition to the 82 days per year of sun and cloudlessness, we get our fair share of precipitation.

It's really not as big a deal as you may think. Us locals are used to it and we simply dress accordingly and continue on our merry way. If we let the weather in Portland Oregon stop us every time it rained, we'd all be captives in our own houses! 

As weather conditions continue to change around the planet, we also experience a decent amount of snow days during the winter months. When I was a kid, I don't recall a whole lot of snow. It nearly always meant a day off of school, so you'd think that it would stick out in my mind. I remember that we got the white stuff here and there, but certainly not as much as we see now. 

The positives are no hurricanes, no extreme flooding, no Arizona-like sun and no tons of snow like you see in the mid and eastern parts of the U.S. The weather here in Portland is always mild, no matter which way it turns.

We even have our own weather machine, located in the heart of the city at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Seriously!

The 33-foot column was first installed in 1988. At noon each day, the large, metal orb on top opens up and declares the next day's weather. Flashing lights, audible fanfare, and a spray off mist give way to one of three options:

  1. A golden leaf sun dictates a clear day;
  2. A silver great blue heron dictates a forecast of a drizzly, misty, or overcast day;
  3. Or an open-mouthed copper dragon appears when there are storms in the forecast.

Light bulbs on the side of the machine will progressively light as the temperature increases.

You have to admit: THAT is uniquely cool! ;) Check it out:

You simply take Portland Oregon weather as it comes. There's no other way to do it. Below, you'll find the 10-day current weather in Portland Oregon, as well as some other useful information.

Portland, Oregon, weather forecast

No matter what the weather in Portland may be like when you're running around, take it all in stride and enjoy being out of doors. :)


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