Portland Oregon Travel Guide

My Portland Oregon Travel Guide should help you find your way in and out of Portland (but, who would want to leave? ;)). Although we're nestled into the west, surrounded by mountain ranges, rivers, valleys and farmland, the city of Portland is very accessible by plane, train, bus or car.

Portland International Airport is one of the major modes of transportation into the city, with thousands of visitors from all over the world traveling through every single day. National, international as well as commercials flights can take you just about anywhere you want to go. If you're looking to make your way over to the coastal area or Eugene and Salem, hop a commercial plane and you'll be there in no time at all.

Find out more about the Portland Airport right here.

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If you're the type that appreciates keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground, you can opt to take an Amtrak train out of Union Station. The trains can take you as far and wide as Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and other major and minor cities around the United States.

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Right down the street, not even a block or so away, you can grab a Greyhound bus ticket and venture off to see the world. Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado, Utah and beyond, it's an inexpensive way to travel to Portland and out again.

Of course, you may choose a leisurely drive in your own automobile or rent a car.

If you live in the Vancouver, WA and Clark County area, the bus service known as C-TRAN can get you to Portland in no time at all. The buses make some limited Light Rail connections to get you into the Rose City and their Portland Express service is a straight-shot over the Columbia into downtown Portland. Tri Met and C-TRAN worked out a nice deal where a TriMet All-Zone pass can also be used on C-TRAN buses (the Express is excluded). Fares, schedules and such can be found at the C-TRAN web site.

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The two major highways through Portland and beyond are Interstate 5, which runs North to South, from Canada down into Mexico and I-84, traveling East to West, along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, into Idaho and on. If you're into the coast and the scenery that comes with it, drop over onto Hwy 101, which runs from Washington and on into California, and drive down the entire Oregon coast. It's a really romantic trip if you have your honey with you.

You can catch a ride to or from Portland with someone else, if you don't mind stepping a tad out of your comfort zone. Hit up the Portland Rideshare section of Craigslist. If you Twitter, follow http://twitter.com/Rideshare_USA.

Any way you slice it, accessibility to Portland is a piece of cake. As my Portland Oregon Travel Guides grows, I hope to help you more and more with your Portland travels

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Portland Oregon Travel Guide

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