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Portland Oregon transportation all around the city and beyond is plentiful. You'd think that because of the surrounding mountains, valleys and such that it would be difficult to maneuver around the City of Roses. Oh, contraire! ;)

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Portland is people-friendly and that means it places a high value on getting everyone to exactly where they are wanting to get to. Choose your flavor of Portland transportation:

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  • Buses - Portland public transit has always been golden. Tri Met makes travel throughout Portland and it's areas beyond easy as pie.

  • Portland Light Rail - The same goes for MAX, our light rail. Anywhere you need to go, find a station, pay your fare and away you go.
  • Taxi - Portland has a few taxi services, but they are not a way of life as in New York or some of the other major urban cities. Still, it's there for the taking.

  • The Portland Streetcar - Another way of getting around Portland is the charming street cars. Head downtown, park, and hop a streetcar for a full day of shopping.
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However you decide to get here, Portland Oregon transportation is extremely accessible, inexpensive and can be a lot of fun! 

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