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You can get your Portland Oregon news in various ways. Want to know what is happening in Portland and beyond?

We have all-around news from our Portland newspapers, The Oregonian and the Portland Tribune to more nichy information coming by way of the Portland Business Journal and Willamette Week.

A couple great places to find what suits your needs is Powells Book Store, located right downtown, and at Rich's Cigar Store and Magazines (they must carry every newspaper and magazine in the ENTIRE WORLD! It's pretty amazing!).

You can also get your fill of what's going on from our local television stations and the NW Cable News.

Two of the best Portland radio stations for news are KXL and KEX. You can listen to the live streams of these two stations and others through my Portland Oregon Radio Stations page.

As you can see, there's a plethora of Portland Oregon news avenues to find what's happening here in the Rose City. So, here's you list:

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Portland Oregon Newspapers

  • The Oregonian - If it's happening in the state of Oregon and in the rest of the world, you'll find it here. (Portland RSS feed )
  • Willamette Week - Much more local and nichy, Willamette Week is more tuned to editorial, politics and social issues of Portland. (WW News XML feed )
  • Portland Tribune - Free weekly newspaper covering news and events, local, state and worldwide. (Portland Tribune RSS feed )
  • The Daily Journal of Commerce - A daily newspaper covering small business and other commerce dealings around the Pacific Northwest. (DJC News RSS feed)
  • The Asian Reporter - A weekly Portland newspaper reporting local, national, regional news and more, catering to our Asian community. Find them online.
  • The Northwest Examiner - A monthly publication that isn't afraid to tackle the hard issues or to offend anyone in it's path. Editorials, reviews and more make up this one-of-a-kind Portland newspaper. Find them online.
  • Street Roots - Independent, grass-roots newspaper that is an advocate for the homeless and seeks to educate others about their plight. It also allows vendors of the Portland newspaper (most are homeless themselves) the chance to earn a paycheck with dignity. Find Street Roots online.


Portland Oregon TV Stations & Shows

For more information about local televisions and TV related to Portland, click here.


Radio  (Click here to find more Portland radio stations)

  • KEX 1190 AM - Serving Oregon since the beginning of time ;) This is my favorite radio station for news. I loved that they broadcast Paul Harvey until his death!
  • KXL Newsradio 101 FM - Around the clock news and talk, KXL is a great station.

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