Portland, Oregon, Huh................

by James
(The Dalles, Or)

I lived in Portland quite some time ago back in the early 1980's and as a whole the entire state was beautiful and clean and every person I met was kind and nice. You will notice that I said "was."

I now live in The Dalles, and I realize that The Dalles is in no way a reflection of Portland, it should be, however it is not. I also realize that with time places, laws, towns and peoples opinions and attitudes change as well.

I never came to The Dalles before now, but I had heard of it and what I had heard was nothing but great things. Yeah well, not now. As I understand it the crime and drug world that was once here is gone, not. And the police are just as nice as can be, unless they do not want to get involved. Usual.

It is a sad state of affairs when one cannot find appropriate living space or a dwelling that is at least average and in a good price range rental, and with out all of the restrictions that go along with it.

I am a student here at the College, 58 yrs. old, old by student averages, with a little dog, and I am stuck living with people that do not care if they have a clean bathroom or food to eat, they eat all of mine or a clean kitchen. Obviously, I live with animals of the HUMAN kind.

If anyone out there has any GREAT or even good ideas as to where I can live and be close to the college that is clean and not too expensive I would appreciate it.

Portland, Or. is a beautiful City, oh yes it is. but go no further unless you head for the coast.

Stay away from The Dalles and anything east of Portland, I consider it to be No MAN'S land.

And if you know of whom I am speaking, please keep it to yourself. I am living here and do not need trouble. I just need a viable and solid way out so I can live a normal life again as my security and safety are at risk.

Thank you!

And there are no pictures I do not want to gross anyone out.

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