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Discover great Portland Oregon hotels to suit your needs and taste here. From the Portland airport to the hub of the city, you have a lot to choose from.

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If you're searching for the standard hotel chains, they're all represented well here. Marriott, Best Western, Motel 6 (lowest prices at any of our 1,000 Motel 6 locations. We'll leave the light on for you!), Red Lion, DoubleTree, Holiday Inn and others. Pet-friendly, kid accommodating, smoking or non-smoking rooms, wheel chair accessible....there's a place for everyone.

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You'll want to find out about parking when staying at any of the hotels in downtown Portland. Do they have their own lot? Do they give you a discount on parking? Does it come at no charge with the room? You don't want to be caught by surprise.

If you aren't carrying much with you, your privacy is not all that important, and you want to keep your room rate to a real minimum, you may consider staying at either of the 2 Portland Hostels we have here.

Here's another option that makes for an exceptional romantic getaway or a peaceful business stay.

Below are the some of the coolest places to bed down in the city. These are the hotels in Portland that are uniquely Portland Oregon; the places that bring character, history, or culture (or all of the above!) to the forefront. These types of Portland Oregon hotels are what makes the city shine. Take a look, try them and make up your own mind. ;)

A Few Outstanding Portland Oregon Hotels

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