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We do things BIG and the Portland Oregon events are a sure indication of that truth. Many of the events held here are known about nation-wide. They're just that cool!

portland oregon events

Portland is one of the friendliest cities in the nation and it brings that fact to the forefront by some of the wonderful things the powers-that-be plan every year. There never seems to be a lack of great fun, year-round, here. You really have to stay on top of things just so you don't miss out on something!

Being such a city of action, Portland reaches out to both residents and visitors alike by putting on live events, shows, concerts, and more. If you're a visitor to our city who has come in just for one of our events and need a place to lay your head, you can move over the Portland hotels and other places to stay page.

Some of my personal favorites are held during the summer months, when it's nice and warm and people are out and about, enjoying themselves. I especially love the large ships that dock along the waterfront during the Rose Festival. Mucho fun to explore! ;)

My wife loves "The Bite," held in Tom McCall Waterfront Park every year. The masses of food available from local restaurants is to die for! I make it my business to attend as many Portland events as possible, all to share the experience with you, my readers. For example, the Portland food cart event, Eat Mobile 2012, was great fun! Hop over to the page and take a look for yourself.

Here are just a few things you can expect to experience while you're here. I highly recommend you take advantage of every one:

  • The Portland Marathon
    One of the premiere and best-known race marathons in the United States, the Portland Marathon has a long-standing tradition of doing top-notch charity work.

  • Portland Rose Festival
    Every summer, one of the must-do family events in Portland is the Portland Rose Festival. Floats, events, carnival rides, a Rose Queen, and tons more!

  • Portland Blues Festival
    The Portland Blues Festivals attracts the top artists of jazz and blues from around the country, all coming together in Waterfront Park to entertain for the sake of the Oregon Food Bank.

  • Mt Hood Jazz Festival
    Created out of a true appreciation of classic jazz, this Portland Oregon event brings outstanding jazz artists from all parts of the globe.

  • Portland Pirate Festival
    Arg, Matey! Each year, the town of St Helens is overrun with hordes of pirates, all set on bringing fun and food to the city and beyond.

  • Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts
    Musical artists of past and present bring their best to the lawns of the Oregon Zoo.

  • Portland Baconfest
    Portland is no stranger to bacon and the annual Baconfest held in town is a meat-lovers dream. Bacon as far as the eye can see!

  • Bite of Oregon
    Food, food, and more food! The Bite of Oregon is a Portland Oregon event that every foodie needs to attend.

  • Portland Seafood and Wine Festival
    Another taste-worthy Portland Oregon event is the Portland Seafood and Wine Festival. Held at the Oregon Convention Center, love of seafood and wine is spread as far as the eye can see. Nom nom nom!

  • Annual Portland Bridal Show
    If you're a bride-to-be, you cannot afford to miss this very special event. Coordinators, dresses, fashion shows, exhibitions, and more to help you plan your perfect wedding event. Did you want it on the beaches of the Oregon coast?

  • Portland Christmas Ship Parade
    This lovely holiday event sets the mood for the Portland Christmas season as a host of decorated ships make their way up and down the Willamette and Columbia rivers, to the delight of onlookers.

  • Oregon Zoo ZooLights
    Also around Christmas, you'll have the chance to experience the Oregon Zoo, all decked out with millions of lights. Make sure to take a trip around the grounds on the Zoo Train!

  • Flicks on the Bricks
    A free Portland event, Flicks on the Bricks shows 4-5 movies on a giant screen, in the out of doors each year. It's a great chance for visitors to Portland and the locals to get together and enjoy some terrific movies in "Portland's Living Room", Pioneer Courthouse Square.

  • The Portland Street of Dreams
    Showing off some of the most beautiful homes ever built, this yearly event will have you drooling and wishing you needed another house.

  • Trek In The Park
    Every Star Trek nerd delights in these re-creations of classic Star Trek episodes, put on by volunteer thespian performers and held out doors at Cathedral Park. The event is free and a lot of fun.

When you visit Portland, make it your plan to attend some of the amazing Portland Oregon events. You're sure to hear some great music, have some delicious food, meet some interesting people, treat yourself to excitement and fun and, more than likely, all of above, all at the same time.

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