Portland, OR: The Proposed Street Fee Fiasco

by Enoch Aready
(North East)

The Portland city council will have a Public discussion on the proposal in the middle of a work day so the working class most likely will be unable to attend.

They will control the discussion with a microphone kill button and thugs to remove you should that be necessary.

They have No intentions of fixing streets. They have many employees with nice pay and benefits
along with PERS retirees who will get the money.

Soon only the incredibly rich will live here, just like San Francisco.

I am about taxed out of my house now and can afford NO MORE TAXES.

Those opposed to the tax need to get together some Saturday soon and discuss what we can do to stay in Portland.

Taxing business gets passed on to the consumer so if the cost of living is bringing you down maybe it's time we said "enough already."

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