Portland, OR: Perfect Combo of City and Nature

by Jenn and Paul Cola
(Portland, OR)

One of the many gorgeous falls

One of the many gorgeous falls

One of the many gorgeous falls The awesome beauty of nature

My hubby and I just moved to Portland, OR 3 weeks ago from California, and this city/area is absolutely beautiful!

We were sick of the rat-race, nasty attitudes, and living in a desert. We went on the search for a place that wasn't too hot or too cold, had lots of nature and outdoor activities as well as plenty of city fun and night life.

We wanted great public transport, a respect for nature, and a love of community. We found Portland.

After taking a 10 day trip to check it out, we were so in love with it here that we went back to Cali, packed our stuff, and were back in a week for good!

The people here are some of the friendliest I've ever met, I feel safe walking the streets at night, and the plethora of things to do seems endless. We feel like we've finally found 'Home'.

And THIS website had a lot to do with our decision and helping us on our trip!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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