Portland Not As Nice Anymore

by Steve Haley
(Lake Oswego, OR)

I have lived in Portland since 1953 and it is no longer the nice, cultured city is once was.

We moved out to Lake Oswego because of the dramatic increase in crime since 1986. Since I moved back to Portland from an extended tour of Europe, North Africa, and later starting in 1982 and into the early 1990s various trips to Japan, I can clearly see the negative aspects appearing in Portland.

For example, the Max installation in 1986. They made promisses that traffic would decrease on I-84, and it increased.

I wish the government in Portland would open their eyes and see that this has never happened anywhere in the world. I have traveled and studies both rich and third world and everyone buys a car when they can afford one. Even in Japan, cars are very popular. I believe thay are the best invention of all time, and Portland must accomidated them starting now. Cars have created more freedom than any other item in history. People can get in their car and go where they please at the time they choose. Max will never compete with this reality.

Thanks for your time.

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Apr 30, 2012
Portland Values Are Compromised
by: Jay Mather

Hello thank you for allowing me to express an opinion.

Ever since the shameful acts of our current mayor, Sam Adams, and the lack of urgent priorities, example our roads, that are being put on the back burner. Even though these roads are used not only for normal people and normal travel, but also used to transport our critical care patients to OHSU, our trauma center, our children to Dornbecher and Shriners hospitals, as well as all the hospitals in the city. I am not just talking the most serious, but all people and all types of needed care. It makes it extremely dangerous to travel our roads.

In my opinion, it is not a great attraction to draw more business to our Rose City. it's never too late to uncompromise our values and work as a big family and team, get volunteers out there if we can't budget things right, and clean up the streets and make this a safe city to travel in.

This is just one facet of many that need our attention but its a start. Crime is tied for first place.

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