Discovering Portland Neighborhoods

Portland Neighborhoods are as eclectic as anything else about the city. Whether you're in the North, South, East, or Western parts of Portland, they each are as different as different can be.

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In many cities in the US and probably the world, you'll know where to go for what you are looking for. "Oh, this side has all the fancy restaurants and this side has all the weird boutiques." This isn't true of the Portland neighborhoods.

Any direction you go and any area you're in, you're going to find things that are radically different and opposing to each other, all within that particular boundary. That is the true fun and excitement of making your way all over the city.

For instance, you can head over to the northwest side and go into the Pearl District with all its fancy-shmancy restaurants, drive around the area and get an eyeful of the gorgeous Victorian-style homes in the more residential part and then hit Chinatown for some authentic Asian life.

Every neighborhood in the City of Roses is like that. That's one of reasons that riding our light rail, MAX, is so much fun. If you have no particular place you need to be, you're going to see so much no matter which direction you head.

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You may want to bring along a notepad to write down the places you spot so that you can go back later (you may even need to take a couple trips through to take it all in).

You can also pick up a good book or two on the Portland area or wander over to the largest independent bookstore in the world.

And that's still not all! There is also a large community of floating homes situated right along the Columbia river. If you've ever considered living on the water, you can do it right here in Portland. A lot of people here really love it!

With that being said, let me show you around the various neighborhoods of Portland:

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