Portland Food Delivery? Pedal Power Delivers!

portland food delivery

Are you in need of a Portland food delivery? Portland Pedal Power delivers! How about a Portland flower delivery? Portland Pedal Power delivers! How about the kitchen sink? Well....they're working on that. ;)

Portland Pedal Power is uniquely Portland Oregon. A group of hard-working bicyclists banded together in order to get the citizens of this fair city what they need, when they need it, all in one of the greenest ways possible....pedal power! PPP is a Portland, Oregon-based company that was the brainchild of Ken Wetherell and was officially open for business in the Fall of 2007.

If you head downtown, you're apt to catch a glimpse of PPP employees making a bicycle delivery in Portland, bringing food from the famous Portland food carts, flowers, snacks, coffee and more....and their clientele list is ever expanding.

I recently conducted an interview with Portland Pedal Power bicyclist, Jenn Dederich. I'll let her fill you in.


Me: Could you provide me a history of PPP?

Jenn: Our founder, Ken Wetherell, has been working on this idea for several years. The spring of this year he put out an ad seeking "owner members wanted" on Bike Portland. In our thirst for the perfect job, six people from different backgrounds have come together to form Portland Pedal Power, a member-managed company based on consensus decision-making. Our team consists of a marketing guru, expert bike mechanic, mechanical engineer, accredited urban planner, financial analyst, and web designer.

portland pedal power

Me: Who are you and how and why did you get involved with PPP?

Jenn: I am originally from Madison Wisconsin. I served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and I sit on the Board of the local returned PC volunteer group (Columbia River Peace Corps Association). I am an accredited urban planner with a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Arizona and was working with Multnomah County as the bike and pedestrian planner. My partner, Courtney ( a co owner of PPP) and I moved to Oregon last year from Tucson, Arizona.

I am a life long bike commuter because I like the exercise and the connection it gives me to the community I live in. I saw the ad for PPP and thought, "that business sounded interesting." Once I met Ken and read the business plan I knew I was in.

I love the idea of working with local, independently owned businesses to promote their products and deliver them by bicycle. Additionally, I have always dreamed of owning a company based on quality, equity and education. We at PPP are committed to providing excellent service to our customers while ensuring that our team members have an excellent quality of life. PPP is committed to setting the bar high and creating bike jobs that pay a fair wage, provide insurance and offer profit sharing. We hope to bring on employees as quickly as possible...not yet.... but soon.

Me: The idea of Portland food delivery via bicycles is very cool. Why do you like doing what you do?

Jenn: I wouldn't say that I like what I do...I LOVE IT and am totally obsessed with how we at PPP can provide the best product, whether it be marketing, product promotion or delivery by bicycle services to our customers. This is the perfect job.

Me: What do you hope to accomplish with PPP in the future?

Jenn: We hope to build a business that provides immense value to all of our customers, whether its the CSA shareholder, City Flowers & Interiors, the food carts on 10th and Alder or someone that uses our service to order Trailhead Coffee Roasters coffee and have it delivered.

Someday....we hope to franchise and create a national delivery by bicycle network. I would love to see PPP in Madison, Boulder, Austin, Tucson, Davis and all the other cool bike cities that would love to have more delivery by bicycles!

Me: How can other people help?

Jenn: Talk about Portland Pedal Power. Follow pdxpedpowJenn on Twitter. Become our fan on Facebook. Treat your honey to a surprise lunch in the park with a Portland food delivery by PPP and a beautiful bouquet from City Flowers & Interiors.

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Pretty cool, huh? So, if you happen to be lounging in Jameson Park in Portland's Pearl District or anywhere else that Portland Pedal Power makes it's rounds to and you need a Portland food delivery for you and someone special, get hold of them. 

Portland food delivery runs Mon - Fri from 11am - 4pm, while delivery of everything else goes from Mon - Sat. For more info (gab with them about advertising opportunities, too!), give them a ring at 503-764-1415 and visit the Portland Pedal Power web site.

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