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The Portland Farmers Market is not just a small fruits and vegetables shack where you run in to grab your goods and then head home. Just like anything else in Portland, we've fine-tuned it into a huge event that spans months and draws an easy 26,000 shoppers every week of the season, all geared up for fun, food, live music and more.

The Farmers Market of Portland consist of 8 downtown locations, run by paid staff, seasonal help, an all-volunteer board of directors, and community volunteers who donate extraordinary amounts of time to run it all. It's all self-funded and non-profit and works hard to serve not only the community but also the farmers and the other 450+ vendors that rely on it as part of their livelihood. Growing bigger and better each year, the Market has almost taken on a life of it's own; it's a living part of the city of Portland Oregon.

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Portland Farmers Market Location: 

  • Portland State University
    SW Park Ave & SW Montgomery St.

  • Pioneer Courthouse Square
    SW Broadway & SW Morrison St.

  • Shemanski Park
    SW Park Ave. & SW Main St.

  • Buckman
    SE Salmon St. & SE 20th Ave.

  • Northwest
    NW 19th Ave. & NW Everett St.

  • King
    NE Wygant St. & NE 7th Ave.

  • Kenton Portland Farmers Market
    North McClellan Street

  • Winter Market at Shemanski Park
    SW Park Ave. & SW Main St.


Funding for the Market's operations come from 90% vendors fees, while the final 10% is generated from sponsors and contributions. It's a true community effort.

Portland had a growing out-of-doors marketplace from the mid-1800s until 1941, where visitors and locals could come with their pickups and load up on fresh carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, apples and other great stuff for only a few bucks.

portland farmers market
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I remember working security in the 1990's for Yamhill Marketplace and they always had fresh produce all along the entire block for people to come and take with them. The smells, sights and general atmosphere of the Marketplace was wonderful. It always gave me a warm feeling. Call me a softy for hometown enjoyment. ;)

In 1992, the Farmers Market in Portland made it's official debut and it's been an ever-growing hit since. Breads, pastries, cheeses, fresh seafood, organically-grown meats and, of course, the region's finest in fruits and veggies are all on display for happy shoppers.

portland farmers market

The season for the Market runs from March through December, with each month havingit's own theme. Bread festival, berry festival, harvest festival......

The Portland Farmers Market is made up of full days of cooking classes, kid's tours, music and a chance for you to rub shoulders with gardening specialists, food preservers, and the farmers who make all this great stuff possible. As you're probably concluding by now, this is a huge Portland event that not only draws the locals in the region, but also culinary tourists and artists from around the entire country.

The Portland Farmers Market is your opportunity to not only grab a lot of tasty and healthy food for you and your family, but a chance to give back to the hard-working farmers of Oregon who put that food on your plates, year after year.

For more individual market information, times, dates and locations, visit their web site at http://www.PortlandFarmersMarket.org


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