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If you're visiting, businesses offering a Portland car rental are available and pretty easily accessible. There are a good number of car rental companies within close proximity of each other and the Portland airport. All the players are represented, so no matter who may be your personal preference, they're within reach via phone or Internet.

Some people just aren't comfortable with the public transportation thing (personally, I love it....riding MAX and the Streetcar is fun to me) and that's just fine. That's when finding an affordable Portland car rental in fits the bill.

One of the hottest car rental companies in Portland is Zipcar. Zipcar places their vehicles all around the city and all you need to do is call or surf over to their web site to reserve your own personal vehicle. Grab a convenient car, use your Zipcard and you're off and running. If you just need a car for a few hours, this is a great choice.

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Another real up-and-coming PDX car rental company is Car2Go. I see these sweet little vehicles all over the streets! Getting access to one of these is as easy as getting a membership card through the company web site and then waving it over the card reader on the window. You enter your PIN, drive to wherever, and your credit card is charged for the mileage. They also have their own Portland Smartphone app to find all the cars located around the city. Very cool!

Anything that is good for the environment is going to get a big thumbs up from the city of Portland and there are many companies that offer hybrid cars for rent. Green is our color of choice! ;)

I have my own vehicle (I love my Vibe!) and simply hit one of the SmartPark garages when going into the city. I then either take MAX light rail, the Portland Streetcar or rely on my own two feet...but I'm a local. I have easy access to Portland, any time I want. If you're visiting our fair city, that may complicate things a tad. Being as all the airlines I know do not allow you to bring your car onboard, a Portland airport car rental may be your only option. ;)

I want you to truly enjoy your time in Portland and, if I can help make it pleasant and convenient for you, that's what I will strive to do. Having your own Portland car rental to go where you want, when you want is something that can make your stay that much nicer.

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