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From time to time, I'll add new pages to the Uniquely Portland Oregon.com web site, make a change to a page with new and/or updated data, or find some exciting or interesting news that I just feel that worth the sharing. ;)

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So, What's Going On in Portland Oregon?


Uniquely Portland Oregon.com is here to keep you updated and entertained. Here's what's happening around the web site....


I Remember Hobo Kelly's Big Glasses.

I always enjoyed when she would put her big clown glasses on and then she would start flying thru the sky looking around in Birthday Land and would announce

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3/19/16 Shanghai Tunnels Tour

Had a great time and the nice lady who lead our tour did a wonderful job. While standing by the box where they put the women in to break them, had someone

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I Should Have Listened To Tom

In 1986 I was in Tom Peterson's back office. It was very modest. I was about to begin my own business and he was counseling me. The first thing he said

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Hobo Kelly

Hobo Kelly was like my best friend on TV, no matter what else was going on around us. The moment her program came on, everything else was blocked out.

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Rusty Nails And His Big Feet

Our Mother took us to Lincoln Square Mall back in 1963. it was Christmas time and the mall was all dressed up for the upcoming holiday. There, amongst

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Waddles Memories

I am now 63 years old. My dad took us to Waddles often. What I remember is that we got bibs first thing. We had crayons and pictures to color. There

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The Mechanical Monkey

I seem to recall the mechanical monkey act at the Organ Grinder, where the musician would play and the monkey would keep time with the cymbals. Then be

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Masked Antagonists

I recall a Portland Wrestling participant that went by the name of The Claw! He had a signature neck-pinch wrestling hold that 'supposedly' disabled his

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