Portland Band - Auburn

by Sean Lewis
(Sheridan, OR, USA)

Droney, loud, guitar driven, harmonic doom music is the driving force behind this Oregon phenomenon, Auburn.

Brain child of long time local musician, Sean Lewis, Auburn began as an idea in 2006, with song writing music which he occasionally shared with friends.

The groups current line-up was formed in February, 2008 with fellow members Jesse Bearce and Yehuda McKay. Another valued member was guitar player, Tyler Steele, who, though he is no longer with the band, continues to collaborate from afar, and even recorded guitar tracks on the upcoming release, Plague.

Though it's members are strewn across the Oregon landscape from as far as Hillsboro down to Sheridan, the group considers itself to be birthed from the McMinnville/Yamhill County area.

Residing in this rural community often forces them to take their shows into nearby Portland’s fifty plus rock venues, where as many as 5,000 other bands that may be playing on any given night.

Heavily influenced by grunge music, made popular in the area during the nineties, Sean and gang seek a direction that is true to the self, true to the music, and honest with the people they share with. Lewis continues to excavate a sound that is original, while also paying homage to his influences. They make music that they actually like!

Their atmospheric, powerful performances and heavy vibes make Auburn's music a refuge in a community of thriving musical talent.

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