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henry pittock portrait

The Portland Pittock Mansion sits, majestically, 1000 feet above the city of Portland, OR. It's a breathtaking home to visit when you have an opportunity. And, being the adventurer you are, you will take the opportunity. Right? ;)

Plans and the construction of the 23-room, 1600 square foot mansion began in 1909 and was finally completed in 1914, when Henry Pittock hired local Oregon architects and craftsmen to build it.

Mr Pittock crossed the Oregon Trail into the great NW in 1853 and became the owner of the state newspaper, "The Oregonian," in 1860. He married a wonderful woman, Georgiana, and together, they worked hard to bring the very best to the state and out of it, as well.

pittock mansion
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Henry was quite the entrepreneur and businessman, not only with the newspaper, but also in his dealings with  the railroads, banking, silver mining, sheep ranching, and a lot more. He added his golden touch to a plethora of industries.

Together, he and his wife founded the annual Portland event, The Rose Festival, which is celebrated every summer of every year and draws huge crowds. Hop over the the Rose Festival page to find out more.

Back to the fabulous Pittock Mansion.

Although built so long ago, it was on the cutting-edge of quite a few technological marvels such as intercoms, a central vacuum system, and an elevator. The estate also consisted of a three-car garage, green house, and gate lodge and all overlooking the shiny city of Portland, Oregon.

pittock mansion portland
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As time passed and the family grew older, The Portland Pittock Mansion was eventually put up for sale in 1958. Unfortunately, the Columbus Day Storm blasted through a few years later and almost took the home with it.

Rather than see the mansion leveled and part of the city's history fade away, Portland bought it for $225,000. Thus began a lengthy renovation back to it's original glory.

Now, the non-profit Pittock Mansion Society and Portland Parks and Recreation work together to keep the home and the grounds perfectly maintained and open for all to come and enjoy.

Of course, I've taken the tour myself and it is really an amazing place to see. On the days when the sun is shining, it's great to walk the grounds around the Pittock Mansion, enjoy a sit on the manicured lawns, and look out over the city. As you can see by the photo below, the view is perfect.

portland oregon view
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After wandering outside for a bit and taking some photos, I went in and began my self-guided tour. I have to say that the staircase upstairs and downstairs is absolutely gorgeous! My wife loves them too, but I had to remind her that they're a bit large for our one-story apartment! haha.

I started on the main floor and made my way through the hallways, into the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and pantry areas. I've always been a huge fan of classic old things (I often think I was born at the wrong time!). Many of the rooms are roped off to keep accidents from happening and the restorations are superb. In some of the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms, I was able to get up close and personal. ;)

A few of the more interesting things for me to see was the kitchen with it's old stove, the bathrooms with their especially funky shower fixtures, and the children's bedroom with the puppet stage and the various wooden toys scattered around the room.

pittock mansion childs room
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pittock mansion museum

One area downstairs empties out into a museum-type area. I really enjoyed reading about and viewing all the historic phonographs and radios. I've always found communication stuff fascinating.

Once you're back outside, there is one area of the Hoyt Arboretum that empties out into the Pittock Mansion parking lot, so you can either get here from there or go there from here. Just another thing to see and do, if you have the time.

The mansion is open for daily tours and, if you want to help maintain this piece of local history, you can purchase a membership. The membership will get you free admission, along with other perks.

The Society also holds some fun exhibits and events right at the mansion. You can find the calendar of events, time and dates the mansion is open, and admission prices at the Pittock Mansion web site.

Just another of the many unique things to see and do here in Portland, OR. Have a wonderful time!

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