Organ Grinder Fond Memories

by Pete
(High Desert, CA)

I sure remember Organ Grinder Pizza in Portland!

Any time relatives came from out of town, they always wanted to go there just because they didnt have anything like that back east in Illinois or Ohio.

My dad would keep them there for hours listening to the organ way way way after we were done eating. When we won sports games we always went there also to celebrate.

It was my number one place for my birthday. Forget Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor! I wanted the Organ Grinder!!

Great place it was, and the silent movies with the organ playing the music and sound effects were classic! Who could forget the biggest and baddest playing.... 2001: A Space Odyssey! The bass would rumble the place!

And the monkey when the organist would stop playing would still be going...clanging its cymbals, he would get the plastic bat and wap it on the head to get it to stop.

Too bad places like Dominoes and other fast pizza chains put it out of business. The restaurant just couldn't keep up with the " low eat at home" and 20 min or less delivery deals.

The Organ Grinder sure is missed. I would love to have taken my kids there more. I got to take them there twice in the 90s before it closed when they were small. The only problem was it was just a little too loud for two and three year olds.

Fond memories of that place I have!

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