Oregon Coast - Only 90 Minutes From Portland

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The romantic Oregon coast is right up there with Portland as my favorite places to play in the lovely Pacific NW!

Oregon's gorgeous coast runs 363 miles along winding Hwy 101, from Washington state down to California.

As you make your way North to South (or visa versa), you'll be excited to find rugged God-made beaches, huge sand dunes, and majestic forests.

Some worth-knowing trivia about the coast of Oregon:

  • The smallest harbor in the world is found in Depoe Bay

  • The shortest river is found in Lincoln City, called D-River and is only 120 ft in length

  • Oregon myrtle wood trees can only be found on the southern Oregon coast.

  • The worlds largest sea cave is located in Florence, OR on the central section of the coast.
  • Oregon's coast is home to the largest expanse of coastal dunes.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? I think so, too! ;)

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Quaint fishing towns dot Hwy 101, inviting tourists to come and sit for a spell.

Larger cities provide some of the freshest and finest seafood you will ever eat, fun activities such as biking, hiking, golfing, shopping, kite flying, fishing, and more.

Events along the coast are happening year round. January to December, there is always some going on.

Enjoy seafood festivals, kite festivals, Japanese float competitions, sand boarding competitions, Christmas ships, farmer's markets, bazaars and craft shows, etc, etc.

It's a never-ending time of fun and, like Portland, you won't run out of things to enjoy.

There are brides-to-be around the world flocking to Oregon's coast, all with their minds fully set on the best wedding they will ever have. They will not be disappointed.

This is one of the most romantic and peaceful spots on earth and provides all the makings of nuptials not to be forgotten.

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The weather during the summer months is wonderful. Not too hot, not too cool.

Keep in mind that this is the coastal region along the Northwest, so we do reserve the right to occasional rough weather.

That said, the storms at sea are incredibly beautiful, especially when you're hunkered down inside a warm hotel room or vacation rental with a steaming mug of coffee, tea, or cocoa.

If you're searching for that perfect vacation spot (and who isn't), you simply cannot go wrong with anywhere along the coast of the great Pacific NW.

I just can't cover all these areas have to offer, so let me point you to my other web site, Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations. Enjoy! ;)

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