NW Portland Oregon - Trendy, Historic

NW Portland Oregon is as unique as any other part of downtown Portland. Chic and trendy wins the race around these parts.

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Consisting of Old Town/Chinatown, Nob Hill, the Skidmore District and the Pearl District, you'll discover some excellent things to see, do and taste in Northwest Portland.

I've already covered the glamour of the Pearl District on it's own page, so I'll leave you to venture over yourself and find out more.  Do let me say, though, that it's especially fun after the sun sets. The lights emanating from all the upscale restaurants give you a very "I'm with it" feeling. ;)

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NW Portland Oregon is also where you'll find Powell's Book Store, the largest independent bookstore in existence. A terrific place to peruse the shelves as you sip your mocha.

Chinatown is obvious because of it's large Chinese arch over the entrance to this part of NW Portland, with a pair of golden lions on each side. The area is made up of authentic Asian restaurants, markets and stores that deal in herbal medicines.

There isn't as much of an Asian population as there was originally, when the Chinese came here to mine gold and build railroads. As a matter of fact, we once had the largest population of Chinese Americans on the entire West Coast living here.

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When in Chinatown, visit the Chinese Gardens and the full-block of plant life indigenous to China. You'll really enjoy walking among all the Chinese landscaping. After that, hop over and enjoy the music, food and shopping beneath the Burnside Bridge at Portland's Saturday Market. Finish off the day with a fancy and unique pastry from the world famous Voodoo Doughnut.

You can also look into the dark side of Portland's past by visiting the infamous Shanghai Tunnels. We weren't once known as "The Forbidden City" for nothing!

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Around Nob Hill, you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time when you take in all the glorious Victorian homes in the area that house the boutiques, antique shops and books stores. It's a window-shopper's dream come true. ;)

The Historic Skidmore District is a place where you'll find people down on their luck, looking for a warm meal at the local Salvation Army. With the continual renovation and clean-up of Portland, "Skid Row" is definitely much tamer than it once was and you'll enjoy lot of older, yet charming buildings, reeking of history. In other words, don't let a few of the population frighten you away. ;)

NW Portland Oregon is another great place to enjoy new things on your ventures around town.

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