NE Portland - An Area In Transition

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NE Portland is an area in transition. As the powers-that-be continue to forge ahead with their plans of making the city Portland the trendiest and coolest place in the world, Northeast Portland Oregon is one of the last remaining portions of the city to take the plunge into the totally awesome.

It's almost like watching a butterfly trying to emerge from it's cocoon. In one area you may find older, run-down shops and graffiti on the buildings, while not even a block a way, there are some cute little boutiques and coffee spots to enjoy. NE Portland is quickly merging with the rest of the city to become a safer and nicer place to live and visit.

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The Hollywood District is a great place for young families to live out their children's years. On a sunny day, take the kids down for a dip in the Grant Park Pool and then get the entire family together and head over to the funky Hollywood Theatre.

Alberta Street has a thing they call "Last Thursday", when the stores are open late and the area is crowded with people, all out enjoying themselves.

Over in the Irvington area of Northeast Portland, you'll find some really wonderful, old homes with lush lawns and shady trees along the streets. This is where to old money is. ;)

Around the Broadway and Lloyd areas, you'll find shopping and events galore. Hit Lloyd Center Mall (the largest mall in Oregon and the inspiration for the infamous Springfield Mall of "The Simpsons" fame) for some great shopping. Anything you can possibly want, you'll more than likely find there. They have a terrific indoor ice skating rink, too.

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Close by is the Oregon Convention Center, where conventions and special Portland events are held (you can't miss it with it's twin spikes poking into the city skyline!), as well as the Rose Garden Arena where you can catch a Portland Trail Blazers or Portland Winterhawk's game.

In the same part of the city, you can go to a concert or special event held at the Memorial Coliseum. The MAX light rail is right there to take you between areas and right down into other parts of Portland.

NE Portland is an up-and-comer. Like the rest of Portland, it's an eclectic and unique part of the city that shows tons of promise in the coming years. 


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