Masked Antagonists

by Rudy Adair
(Tucson,AZ,United States)

I recall a Portland Wrestling participant that went by the name of "The Claw"!

He had a signature neck-pinch wrestling hold that 'supposedly' disabled his opponents. I don't remember any other wrestler that may have been paired with "The Claw" in a featured event.

Of course, there was "Ringside Rosie" who would catcall at various moments at every match. Don't know if she was a member of the promotional team or just an avid fan.

Heroic duos such as Tony Borne & Lonny Mayne were a staple of Portland Wrestling.
Though I never made it personally to the Portland Sports Arena, Channel 12 was where the TV dial got turned to!

I seem to recall local sales entrepreneur Tom Peterson hawking his wares at an increased vocal volume. Were Fred Meyer stores & Gene Brendler part of the KPTV advertising action??

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