Love/Star - Portland, OR

by Natey Downing
(Portland, OR USA)

Love/Star Production

Love/Star Production

I've just recently moved here from Holland, Michigan to explore a new place & meet new people while promoting good music.

I have a different sound that I can't really put into words. I've been a part of music production for as long as I can remember. I love to sample, remix, produce, master & I’ve also had my fair share of original songs.

I started out with a pretty generic desktop microphone & worked my way from there. As i progressed into using different instruments & techniques, I figured out what it is to truly have an original sound.

I've included dance music in with my hip-hop beats while throwing a little ambient touch. My songs are pretty personal. That is the reason I’m not sure many people can relate to my music, but I’m sure if they give it a little or two they will start to change their minds.

I've worked with other artists to try to make their dreams reality. I am big on producing & would just like to get my work out there so that I can collaborate with other artists who are native to the area.

You can check some of my music at either of these sites: or

I'm really not sure what to expect here in Portland, but i know whatever comes of me & my music, it will be great. Hope my tunes are worth the listen.

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