Huge Portland Wrestling Fan Here!

I started watching Portland Wrestling when I was about six, living in Roseberg on KPTV channel 12.

My favorite wrestler was Moon Dog Lonnie Mayne.

Then we moved to Salem and I was a big little fan of the great Dutch Savage.

One night, I was at Circle K and heard someone say Lonnie Mayne had been killed in a car wreck.

My Dad, brother, and myself went to see wresting in Salem every Thursday night.

There was a big fund raiser match for the Moon Dog. Bull Ramos was there with the Iron Sheik.

Jessy Ventura ripped the rag off The Sheik's head and started ripping it up and throwing it into the crowd. My brother got A part of it.

In those days, Roddy Piper was fighting and so was Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Kangaroo Lord Jonathan Boyd.

Those were the days of Portland Wrestling! I was really into it and just knew it had to be real. ;)

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