Did The Organ Grinder Have A Real Live Monkey?

I distinctly remember an organ grinder coming to my grade school in Rainier with an organ and a monkey. It would've been sometime between 1973 and 1976.

I think it was someone who worked for the Organ Grinder Pizza restaurant in Portland. Is this correct?

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Feb 24, 2011
The Monkey At The Organ Grinder Bit Me!
by: The kid that got bit by the monkey

Yes the Organ Grinder had a live monkey and it bit me when I was a kid while I was there for a birthday celebration. Shortly after that they got the much safer and tame monkey that clapped mini cymbals.

TOTALLY true story.

I was holding a coin out for the monkey, along with many other kids and the monkey took the coin then took my finger and bit me.

I freaked out, the managers and pizza place freaked out, probably because they thought we would sue them.

Pizza was free that night, needless to say, and I have since grown up to be a fairly well-adjusted, productive member of society. But I don't hand coins to monkeys anymore.

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