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Biking Portland is almost as second-nature as breathing. Being as green and earth-conscious as we are, when you are moving around the city, you'll see locals biking to work, play, for exercise and recreation.

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Bicycling Magazine never skips a beat in proclaiming Portland Oregon as the most bike-friendly city in the United States. In 2008, we became the first city in the US to be named a Platinum Level Bicycle-Friendly Community by the American League of Bicyclists. We are very proud of the accolades. If you're an avid bicyclist, you're going to feel extremely welcomed and safe here.

In 2010, nearly 16,000 (5.44%) of Portland's workforce biked to work, every day.

A buddy of mine created his own electric bike that he uses to cruise around the Vancouver, WA and Portland areas. He rides it to work every day.

In 2011, Portland, OR bike traffic grew by more than 6 percent. According to reports, over 18,000 cyclists cross the Willamette River every day, via the Hawthorne, Steel, Burnside and Broadway bridges.

Bloomberg Rankings ranked Portland the #1 biking-to-work city out of 25 other U.S. cities. The number two city was San Francisco and we topped them by nearly double the amount of people biking to work in Portland. That's truly amazing!

Our streets and bridges are all bicycle-friendly, boasting wide lanes and paths (over 300 miles worth!).

If you need to take a bus or our light rail, MAX, anywhere, there are racks on the front of each one to accommodate your two-wheeler, recumbent or electric bike.

We're so bike crazy, we even hold an annual event that consists of 2+ weeks worth of fun and educational events called PedalPalooza.

You may have heard of the World Naked Bike Ride? Yeah....that's us. DOH!

The same organization, Shift, provides free breakfast to those biking Portland commuters once a month. Find out more about Breakfast on the Bridges on the Portland Deals page.

Portland Bike Boxes

The city wants to make sure that cars and Portland bicyclists coexist peacefully. To that end, when you're downtown, you're sure to notice the Portland Bike Boxes marking the city streets.

First introduced in Europe, the bright green and easily-seen boxes provide bikers fair access and peace-of-mind when traveling throughout downtown Portland. Watch the above video for all the info you need to know about this groovy idea to keep our city bike-friendly (and what you need to know as a motorist).

For an avid social scene, consider looking into joining one of the Portland bike clubs and organizations that have been formed to promote biking and help meet the needs of the enthusiasts.

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The Portland cyclist's cry is the same as the Boy Scouts: "Be Prepared." With that in mind, you can surf over to to get all sorts of information and make Biking Portland a thing of beauty. You can even request Portland neighborhood bike maps, rental and parking info, guides, and informative brochures be sent to you via snail mail. It's a great way to keep up on the latest news, paths and safety as you bike around the area.

To download some of the Portland biking maps, click here.

Pedal Portland: 25 Easy Rides for Exploring the City by Bike

Speaking of the latest news and information, Portland even has it's own free publication, released 10 months out of the year, called, "Oregon Cycling Magazine." You can pick copies up at any Portland bike shop and get racing schedules, a calendar of events and locations of the shops and clubs in the city and beyond. You can also have a subscription that is sent straight to your front door.

Looking for a newer model of bike, gear or in need of some repair work? Bike shops are an easy find around here. You can even work on them yourself at the shops for a small fee. Biking Portland has never been easier or more convenient.

Here are a few of the 40 local Portland Bike Shops. Tell them you found them on Uniquely Portland Oregon. Thanks. ;)

Bicycle Repair Collective
4438 SE Belmont St, Portland
(503) 233-0564

Bike Central
220 SW 1st Ave, Portland
(503) 227-4439

Beckwith Bicycles
4235 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland
(503) 774-3531

Fat Tire Farm
2714 NW Thurman, Portland
(503) 222-3276

Bike Gallery
1001 SW 10th Ave, Portland
(503) 222-3821

Coventry Cycle Works
2025 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland
(503) 230-7723

734 SE Ankeny, Portland
(Bike sales)
(503) 239-6951

(Bike repair)
1914 SE Ankeny
(503) 239-0553

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Biking Portland if you don't have one is not an issue at all. Simply rent one!

Head down to Tom McCall Waterfront Park in the very heart of the city and choose from a number of different types of bikes at Portland's largest bike rental outlet, Waterfront Bicycles.

You can pick up a complete Portland Bike Map at the Portland Visitor Information Center located at Pioneer Courthouse Square, located at 701 SW 6th Avenue.

Convenient, fun and easy, you can rent a couple bikes for you and yours while you're there or hit them up over the Internet to make a reservation. They'll even help you plan your outing, share with you some of the best routes and other helpful goodies.

No matter the weather, you'll find that the Rose City is one crazy biking town. If you're a cyclist, you're going to feel very loved here as you're biking Portland. ;)

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