Beyond Portland - Discoveries Outside The City

mt hood snowboarding

Let me take you beyond Portland, Oregon. As you know already, the city itself is terrific. So much to do and see, it's impossible to take it all in. But, did you know that the Rose City is the hub to other amazing places that are fairly quick and easy to get to?

In Portland, you have the lights, the events, the attraction, the Broadway-like shows, the exquisite restaurants. It's has a lot of everything for anyone in the family. But what if you traveled beyond Portland? Maybe an hour or two outside the city? What would you find? A ton more!

columbia gorge

For instance, you're looking at 45 minutes to the lovely Columbia Gorge, 90 minutes to the rugged Oregon coast, and 90 minutes to awe-inspiring Mt Hood. So, what's your pleasure? Hiking, tide pooling, snowboarding or skiing? Of course, there is so much more to each area, but you see what I'm getting at.

I love my city so much and the fact that I can reach outside to touch so many other wonderful experiences just makes it that much cooler!

Even though the weather here falls on the damp side, all that means is you either get a chance to enjoy it or you venture from the city limits and find your sweet spot on down the road.

When winter hits and there is mucho more rain and the temperature dips, it simply means that there is a great chance of some fabulous powder on the mountains and ominous ocean storms for you and the family to enjoy.

Let me take you on a tour of what's outside Portland and show you just what you can expect.

  • First, we'll take a trip to the lovely Oregon coast where you can go tide-pooling and kite flying, Dungeness crab and deep sea fishing, eat amazing seafood, and so much more.

  • Visit the Columbia River Gorge for para-sailing, kite boarding, visit lovely Multnomah Falls, and....

  • Bundle up (or not!) and we'll head up to the Mt Hood area for some skiing, hiking, snow-boarding, and a ton more!

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