Baconfest Portland - A Bacon Lovers Dream!

BACON IS KING!! I attended the 2012 Portland Baconfest on Saturday, September 8th and had a terrific time.

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For us carnivores, bacon is all the rage and the end-all meat. We put it on anything and darn near everything. Because of my love for the porky meat candy, I knew that Bacon Fest was a must-do Portland event that I could share with all of you.

A popular eatery called East Burn, located on (big surprise!) E. Burnside St, hosted the event.

Bacon fest Portland took up a full city street on both sides, lined with food booths all serving up something to do with bacon, merchandise from bacon-themed wall magnets to tee-shirts to bacon skateboards to pig masks, and everything in between.

After looking at some of my video footage from the event, my wife exclaimed, "I never knew that there was so many things about bacon!" Oh, honey, if you only knew! ;)

The love of bacon borders on a religion and the annual Portland Baconfest held nothing back.

Along with the food and oodles of bacon merchandise to buy, there were three live bands performing throughout the day, from 9 am when it opened until 9 pm when it all ended for another year. They all tried to work a bacon theme into their sets and some were actually successful! haha.

Regardless, it was some good tunes.

Baconfest also had fun events planned for the day with some good audience participation.

There was the Ultimate Bacon Eating Contest, consisting of five rounds, each challenge larger and more disgusting then the former. How about Calzone with chocolate sauce, mayo, bacon, pulled pork, relish, and more? Ew! Amazingly, no one puked!

There was also the Bacon Dance-off, the Triathlon De Pig (sort of a Baconfest Olympics), and what I was really looking forward to, the Greasy Slip N Slide.

The promo said it was to be "a giant sliding mat coated in bacon grease." Sounds like fun, right? Well, it was far from giant and basically a big piece of square blue tarp. Participants barely had enough sliding room before they ended up on the unforgiving cement!

Come on, guys. Grabbing a regular Slip N Slide off Amazon wouldn't have been too much to ask. I was obviously disappointed.

Next year. K?

bacon fest portland

They also had some skateboard ramps set up for a skateboarding competition of the bacon-y kind. It was fun to watch the talented skaters as well as the little kids on their own boards, attempting to do fancy tricks.

kevin bacon shirt

There was many people walking around, showing off their bacon themed tee shirts. One of my favorites had the word, "BACON" in a bacon font with an image of Hollywood celebrity, Kevin Bacon, underneath. That ticked my funny bone!

Let's get back to the food. Of course, they sold simple slices of bacon (very popular!), but also moved into the extreme such as bacon-topped cupcakes, chocolate covered bacon pops, caramel corn with porky goodness throughout, pulled-pork sandwiches, a wide range of pizza, all topped with you know, and a lot more. The smell that continuously wafted up and and down the street was amazing!

The admission fee of $5 and a suggested donation of two cans of food for the Oregon Food Bank was a small price to pay for a full day of Portland entertainment.

All in all, the 2012 Portland Baconfest was a ton of fun and a highly recommended Portland event, especially if bacon is your passion. And if it's not,GET OUT! haha. Just kidding! I'm looking forward to next year.

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