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Considering apartment rentals in Portland Oregon is actually a really good way to go, especially with the economy as harsh as it is right now. Job losses occur daily, unemployment is at an all-time high, and foreclosures are going on all around us.

Not exactly a sunny outlook.

Other good reasons to get into a Portland apartment rental is that equity in single-family homes is actually expected to take a dive by $88,000 between now and 2012 and, by renting, you could save yourself around $700 a month that home owners normally sink into utilities, maintenance, and insurance. Are you seeing the benefits yet?

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I remember that owning a home was all the rage when I was young. It was looked at as an investment in your future and a way of obtaining that all-important "American Dream." Buying your own home was a way of profit on down the line. When it was time to sell, you could look forward to a nice bit of extra cash. Time have changed.

Now, I hear about people losing their homes every single day. They can't make their mortgages and banks are taking them to task. It doesn't even have to be your home that is being foreclosed on to affect you personally. When it happens to any home, that neighborhood's value goes down. It's really sad, but it should rally us to do things differently.

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There are some really wonderful neighborhoods in Portland to find apartment rentals in. For example, the wonderful Pearl District is a great choice for upper-scale Portland condos and lofts. I've been in some of these places and they're exceptional!

You may even find a rental house that exceeds your needs and wants or a high-rise luxury apartment rental, smack dab in the heart of the city. There's many ways to go. Some of the things to look for in an apartment rental are:

Good places to look for your Portland apartment rental is the Portland/Clark County section of Craigslist, Apartment Guide.com, and other places on the Internet. Housing Connections is a terrific resource that has a huge database of apartment rentals in Portland Oregon. You can get ratings of Portland Oregon apartments straight from the mouths of the renters themselves at Apartment Ratings.com.

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Many choices await you in the Portland area. Upscale, middle of the road, or lower income. Wonderfully different and eclectic neighborhoods exist that fit your personality to a tee. Now that you have some solid ammunition, it's time to head out and find your those perfect apartment rentals in Portland Oregon.

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