Alpenrose Dairy in Portland

I have fond memories of the Alpenrose Dairy in Portland. In grade school, we'd be taken on field trips to the farm there. Our teacher would pack us all into a big, yellow bus and we'd travel down to the Alpenrose farm to learn, pet the animals and a lot more.

alpenrose dairy egg hunt

I've never been able to remember a lot about when I was young, but a few things always stood out. Alpenrose is one of those thingsthat I've held found memories of. You've more than likely seen and heard their many commercials on television and radio, promoting their wonderful dairy products, but from the outside, you would wonder what could be so cool about a dairy farm. Alpenrose Dairy is different.

Since 1916, the Cadonau family has built their dairy into a staple of the Portland area and beyond. They've always taken great pride in their products.

alpenrose dairy truck

They had modest beginnings by delivering milk to local businesses via a horse-drawn wagon, moved up to a single delivery truck and the rest, as they say, is history. But, they've always taken it a step further with their big heart for kids and families by providing a great place to come and have some fun. In fact, Alpenrose Dairy in Portland has taken family entertainment to the extreme. 

The 52-acre farm houses Alpenrose Stadium, home to baseball games since 1956, a full quarter midget racing track, a plush, comfortable opera house, and had a large western town called Dairyville, that included an ice cream parlor, a doll museum, a music shop and much more. I'm sorry to say that they have closed Dairyville as a result of waning visitors. That's pretty sad...I thought that it was a pretty cool attraction. Oh, well, life moves on... ;)

alpenrose dairy basebull

The Alpenrose Velodrome is a rare professional bicycle racing tracks, one of only 20 in the entire United States. It's really pretty amazing seeing all the work that Alpenrose has put into their dairy farm.

alpenrose dairy races

Their famous Easter egg hunts draw the kids each year, including other annual events. Admission to the farm is free. 

All in all, Alpenrose Dairy in Portland is a wonderful place to bring your family and make some amazing memories. And don't forget to grab some of their newer organic, rBST-free milk and yummy ice cream in most supermarkets around Oregon. 

Alpenrose Dairy
6149 SW Shattuck Road,
Portland, OR 97221-1044
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