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  • Wanting to advertise on Uniquely Portland Oregon?

  • Is your business based in the Portland area?

  • Are You spending too much money on print advertising?

  • Are you receiving that all-important highly-targeted traffic that you need for your business to succeed?


no money needed

Keep your cash in your pocket. We trade services for services here. Here's how it works:

Use the Contact Form below and tell me who you are and what you want to trade. Here are a few suggestions. Do you want to promote your Portland hotel here? A two night or five night stay (dedicated, full-page ad) for my wife and I will do the trick.

Do you have a Portland restaurant? A nice dinner for two would hit the spot. Do you manage one of the fabulous Portland area attractions? Two tickets are perfect. You get the idea.

  • Portland Businesses offering goods or services get a 6-month ad, full-page that includes your contact information, synopsis, up to 3 photos, and a link to your web site. The entire page is optimized to get search engine traffic. Make me an offer and let's talk!

  • Portland Hotels, resorts and other places to stay get a 1-year, full-page that includes your contact information, synopsis, up to 3 photos, and a link to your web site. The entire page is optimized to get search engine traffic. Cost is a 2-night stay for 2 people. Click here to see what your full-page ad could look like.

  • An additional review video and walk-thru is included for a 5-night stay. The video is shot in high-definition and then edited, optimized and distributed to YouTube, TripAdvisor, and added to your page here on the web site.

Contact me for further details, questions, or to make an offer. ALL serious offers will be considered. ;)

Why do I do it this way? I've never been one for normal. I like to mix things up and work outside the box more often than not. Plus, I appreciate a good deal and like to help local businesses in the Portland areas.

In this horrid economy, we have to look out for each other when we can. Taking the cash out of the equation serves all these purposes. Lastly, it's fun!

I do things the exact same way on my other web site, Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations.


No muss, no fuss. You can sponsor any page you like on Uniquely Portland Oregon for just $17 a month. First come, first serve. If sponsoring a page is something you'd be interested in, just let me know and we'll work out the details.

advertise on uniquely portland oregon


This site is all about the uniqueness of Portland. As such, it brings in highly-targeted traffic. You won't find people looking for Chinese restaurants in Denver, Co. here!

This site is cleanly produced with no pop-ups or flashing "stuff" to distract my guests from your ads. The in-context advertising is tastefully done. I will not ever plaster ads on this site, helter-skelter. This is totally to both our benefits.

So, if you're looking for increased exposure and traffic for your business, advertising here, in my opinion, is a good move. As the site continues to grow and become more popular, the virtual real estate will become more valuable. What have you got to lose?

If you decide you want to learn more about advertising on Uniquely Portland Oregon, use the form below to contact me, providing me as much information about you and what you're inquiring about.

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