A Life-Long Portland Wrestling Fan!

by Candy McMurdo
(Pocatello, Idaho)

The Sheepherders

The Sheepherders

My Mom first took me to The Portland Sports Arena to watch Portland Wrestling when I was about four years old.

We lived in North Portland. It was pretty close, so sometimes we would walk. Some of my earliest memories as a child were of all the people and excitement that filled the arena. I was hooked!

I grew up going to the matches, watching Portland Wrestling on TV, and shopping for bargains with Mom at Sandy Barr's Flea Market.

There were the good guys and the bad guys, inside the ring and out. I remember The Hawaiians, Jimmy Snuka, Dutch Savage, Stan Stasiak, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Andrea the Giant, Shagg Thomas...just too many to list! I really miss that!

Now every time I get to Portland (which has been way too long! I think I'm having withdrawals!), I instinctively want to go to see Portland Wrestling. It's sad. I have been away for a number of years, but the memories will stay in my heart and mind forever.

Mom and I were there one night when the Kangaroos stated that they would spit on the next child that asked for their autograph. I was about five, I guess. My Mom being oblivious to what they had said, took me to get their autograph, of course I had to have it! They were in the Crow's Nest, talking to Frank Bonnema and the TV audience when I walked up the stairs and asked for their autograph. They turned to spit and Dutch Savage moved me aside, delivering me to my Mom's already open arms. He flew up the stairs and the fight was on!

I am always talking about Portland Wrestling and all the now famous wrestlers that I met and was around. Of course we can't forget those teenage crushes either!

I will always and forever remember Portland Wrestling. And now that I have found it on this site, I will be a frequent visitor!

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Mar 07, 2012
Portland Wrestling's Bart Sawyer Is My Friend
by: Chi-Chi

I am a good friend of Bart Sawyer and I talk to him just about everyday.

I miss the old Portland Wrestling.

In the last several years a lot of wrestlers and referee, Sandy Barr, have passed on.

I miss all of them. They were all my friends.

Rest in peace Sandy, Art Barr, Bruiser Brian, Steve Doll, Tough Tony Borne, Bryan Adams.

Apr 04, 2011
Portland Wrestling: Interesting...
by: Royal Wise(maiden name Rau)

I too am a big fan of Portland Wrestling.

I also lived really close to the Portland Sports Arena and my parents would often set up a table at the Sandy Barr's Flea Market.

In my day it was Beetlejuice, Bart Sawyer, Scotty the Body (also known as Rraven), Scott Norton, The Grappler, Al Madril, Rex King and Steve Doll, and on occasion Playboy Buddy Rose would make an appearance.

I remember going on Saturday nights when Sandy Barr did free kids night.

I was shocked the day I heard that Art Barr (aka Beetlejuice) had died. I also remember painting my face and getting my picture taken with him. I also got my picture taken with Steve Doll.

I sit here watching the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I looked up a list of Pro Wrestlers who have died over the last 10 years and was shocked at some of them. Miss Elizabeth and Scary Sensational Sherry died of a cocaine overdose. Some of them I already knew about.

Sometime ago, Portland Wrestling did return. I never went to an event but a friend of mine did and I don't think it will be the same.

Sandy Barr also died in 2007. My friend's aunt and my parents were also good friends with him so it was even more of a shock when I heard about him.

I could go on and on and probably will get docked and told I have more than 3000 characters here. But LOL, sometimes I can't help it.

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